Amber Inclusion


The amber sap falls from the tree, once it falls it captures everything in its path. Amber inclusion occurs and material becomes extracted/preserved. Amber inclusion isn’t removed from the world, but is instead a fixed fixture to the world. An entity with no agency, besides the one that it was given at its inception. What sticks is whatever is oriented to the trajectory of the amber falling - orientation matters. Curiosity might lead to an objects demise, or more unfortunate than that, a lack of awareness could lead to a material’s imprisonment. How to be part of a shared space, but then be cut from it? The sap creates an architecture for the life, debris, and thoughts captured within the process. This structure gives the fluidity for the material to move throughout time. It works independently, but shares its existence with its surroundings.


We are pleased to invite you to the opening reception of Amber Inclusion, a group show featuring works by Micahel Ray-Von, Erika Ceruzzi, and Brian Khek.


Opens July 1, 2017

716 Sacramento St.

San Francisco, Ca